Maya Flavors, an Indian restaurant in Boca Raton (Florida) is serving the best of Indian cuisine to food lovers from all over Florida and all around the US. To understand and experience a culture, we must taste and savor its cuisine. To experience a never before culinary journey across India, a visit to Maya Flavors is a must. Here you can enjoy delicacies from the North and South India.We ensure we get the highest quality ingredients and our chefs cook up the best dishes from India, crafted to satiate your taste buds. At Maya Flavors, we ensure you get the best comfort food with a twist that will leave you finger licking and come back for more. Each dish from the menu is prepared with a fresh take on the way Indian food is cooked to give you the most authentic taste so that you can enjoy a rich and nutritious meal. We welcome you to try out our menu of special entre as well as side dishes from the most delicious cuisines of the Indian sub-continent.The restaurant also has a private seating space reserved for the special family events or occasions. Maya Flavors also can orchestrate parties that allow you to have a great time with your guests while our chefs prepare the most delicious food that has been pre-decided as per your / your guests’ choice and taste. Our trained staff will make sure the party stays in your memory for a long time to come. Go ahead and indulge yourself in a drink at our fully equipped bar where our bartenders dish up some of the most exotic cocktails that can complement with the Indian style food that you can order. Our specialty is also some of the Indian desserts that most of our diners who have a sweet tooth, enjoy after a sumptuous meal. Be it a quiet evening with that special someone or a family dinner with your loved ones, Maya Flavors is ready and open to serve you many flavors of India on a platter. Go ahead and try us out! We know you will come back to indulge in our food and experience the great service often.

Call Us 561-717-0999 for reservations and to order online. Don’t forget to post your photos to Instagram and Facebook and tag us if you do. We usually return the favour with a follow and share the wonderful moments you captured at our restaurant with our other guests.